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RE: FC5 - T3

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On Sunday 05 March 2006 20:02, Daniel B. Thurman wrote:
> Hmmm....
> I noticed that for some reason or another, that the network
> Interface cards (NIC) are searched by finding NIC's on the PCI
> bus before finding NICs on the motherboard?
> This screwed up things for me of which by default, I use my
> motherboard on-board NIC's first as the PCI based NICs are
> assigned for other uses.  Is there a way to force which eth0,
> eth1 boards are being assigned to by my own preferences?
> The Administration->Network gui configurator does not allow
> me any options to change the eth0, eth1 assignments or
> to declare which of the eth0 or eth1 assignments to use as
> default or am I mistaken?
> The reason I noticed it was becuase on boot up, the eth0 is
> assignment is used for accessing the network of which eth1
> is the one actually connected to the LAN.
> Note that I am running XEN if this has anything to do with it...
> Please advise!
> Kind regards,
> Dan

YYMV, but on the mb I'm currently running with, if I go into the BIOS and 
'Use onboard LAN'
or whatever it call it, I still get both NICs, but I get the PCI card first.
'Use onboard LAN'
gets me the onboard NIC.

*Gives up on the weirder intricasies of hardware and heads back to PHP, MySQL, 
DHTML and JavaScript.   Why did I ever agree to do this &^^%$£$^$$^^% 

Hmm...  I have my BIOS to use the onboard LAN....  I guess that when
I initially installed for the first time, the network card was in
fact messed up from the start.  Odd. That is why my NTP failed so that
should have been a clue to clueless.  Ok, well... since this was a problem,
I rolled up my sleeves and looked into /etc/sysconfig/networking and I noticed
that the setting were all messed up or at least defined here so I simply
deleted the ifcfg*** files in the devices and default directories, rebooted,
and viola, the settings appeared right this time...  my eth0 is assigned to
the MB NIC and the eth1 to the PCI card.  This is as of this writing...  dunno
if later this gets screwed up again but I wont be touching the System->Administration
->Network GUI since it works for now....

Now....  getting back to the ORIGINAL problem...  how to add ALL the new packages
that I foregoed in the installation of FC5-T3 and THEN update it all.  It has
been a REAL CHORE!!!  Grrrrrr....  Someone ought to replace the crummy add/remove
package manager for something better. It is real hokey.

Thanks for your feedback!

Kind regards,

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