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From release notes for FC5T3 (web)

Just posting a link from the upcoming Fedora version 5 notes. (FC5T3 as of now) The changes might be good to know for a user to make a decision when FC5 is released as to how to upgrade / install.


Major changes for people installing are xen, screensavers, menu reconfiguration, a GUI search tool, a few applications that use mono, no up2date program, a new package manager and GUI front end to yum.

Everything installs are no longer possible. The major components are now in groups and part of the optional packages can be selected or not selected through check marks. Some packages that were selectable in the past may not be selectable from the menus though they are on the install media.

How usb devices are managed and items like names for the mounted media using volume names for the mount points is different.

Suspend is available from the menus if your computer is capable of suspending. Hibernate is not a menu choice but works as well from script pm-hibernate.

I did not notice any major application changes from FC4 to FC5.


Some changes are so slow, you don't notice them.  Others are so fast,
they don't notice you.

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