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RE: From release notes for FC5T3 (web)

> Jeff Vian wrote:
> >I would agree on the wish for an option to select a group and expect all
> >within it to be installed.  As examples, mysql and postresql would be
> >nice for that. With FC4 less than half the individual packages for those
> >groups were installed by default and it was time consuming to do the
> >full groups.  However, IIRC the installer has never allowed selecting an
> >entire group with a single check mark.  Groups can be installed in
> >entirety from the command line with yum.
> >
> >
> Both Anaconda and Pirut allows groups of packages to be installed. 
> Optional components arent selected within the groups by default but the 
> major packages including MySQL and PostgreSQL is selected within the 
> group usually.
> -- 
> Rahul 

I don't use the group selection - because this is where
you get into trouble.  Under certain circumstances
causes pirut to blow up.  Try to pile up a LOT of
packages quickly with the GROUP line and watch it
blow up.  I'd have to try it again to remember the
details but it was too painful that I don't want to
go there right now.

Note that when you make a selection for installation
and follow through to have the selected packages
successfully install, the pruit program immediately
terminates when I wanted to select more packages
forcing me to start the program over again.  In
cases where there was a PROBLEM - this was VERY
annoying because I lost the selections and cannot
remember what I selected beforehand.

Thanks for your patience and listening to my pointed
gripes.  3 days and 5GB downloads and returning back
to square one makes one really, really antsy and

Kind regards,

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