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Re: From release notes for FC5T3 (web)

Daniel B. Thurman wrote:
"I don't use the group selection - because this is where you get into trouble. Under certain circumstances causes pirut to blow up. Try to pile up a LOT of packages quickly with the GROUP line and watch it blow up. I'd have to try it again to remember the details but it was too painful that I don't want to go there right now."

I am unable to crash Pirut on the latest releases unlike the earlier versions. It would be quite helpful if you can try to reproduce this problem and file a bug report on this with the steps. Its hard to fix issues unless we get specific feedback with the ability to reproduce problems.

Note that when you make a selection for installation
and follow through to have the selected packages
successfully install, the pruit program immediately
terminates when I wanted to select more packages
forcing me to start the program over again.  In
cases where there was a PROBLEM - this was VERY
annoying because I lost the selections and cannot
remember what I selected beforehand."

I have filed a RFE on this earlier. Refer to https://bugzilla.redhat.com/bugzilla/show_bug.cgi?id=182499. The user interface and the internals of Pirut is designed to enable the user to select multiple package and complete it in a single transaction.

Thanks for your patience and listening to my pointed
gripes.  3 days and 5GB downloads and returning back
to square one makes one really, really antsy and

As a fellow tester I agree that it can be annoying at times but thats part of the ups and downs of using a development or test releases as a early adopter. If your idea of fun is watching programs gleefully blow up now and then, following it by aggressively and methodologically filing bug reports and discussing issues in the development/test lists then you are a ideal candidate for being a tester.


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