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Re: From release notes for FC5T3 (web)

akonstam trinity edu wrote:

As usual I disagree with Rahul's analysis. kickstart is a
whole different technology that beginning users will not
want to tackle. We are talking about beginning users who
don't know anything about groups and just want to install
everything and see what they get.
There is much of a use for any end users to install all the packages with the multiple languages and lot of duplicate redundant packages. When Anaconda gets the ability to support Fedora Extras and other repositories during installation, it can follow up with a move towards reorganize the packages, providing a everything installation and a supportable upgrade path for the Fedora Extras packages.

Just like the rival operating system parts that give you a
choice between custom or everything. A beginner does not
know what to choose in a custom install. Why would it hurt
to have the everything option?
Anaconda has been rewritten to use a yum backend and this feature has create enough problems with no added benefits to reimplemented again.

And I don't want to hear about subscribing to another list
so I can give my opinion there. I am subscribed to too many
lists already.

This is another example where the community is ignored when
important decisions are made.
Its not very useful when you voice opinions where developers wouldnt hear them and then worry about getting ignored. The community is a not a monotonous group and has different opinions on what is optimal and as a fellow contributor and community member, I am certainly against adding a everything installation back. The number of times I had to resolve problems for people who picked out the everything installation in FC4 and ended up with GFS dependency issues where they had intention to setup a storage cluster or knowledge about what GFS is used for is just alarmingly large to be worth the pain again on similar occasions.


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