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Re: From release notes for FC5T3 (web)

Andy Green wrote:

Rahul Sundaram wrote:

Its not very useful when you voice opinions where developers wouldnt
hear them and then worry about getting ignored. The community is a not a


Maybe some of this desire for an everything install is driven by the
historical problems with the add/remove packages app, which basically
became useless after packages not on the install media were installed.
Right on spot. Everything installation was a bandaid over inflexible package management post installation to the point that the users felt that just selecting everything would save them a lot of potential pain later. Combine that with the different profiles being less than idea for various typical use cases and we ended up with a misfeature.

If that has improved on FC5 as I understood then maybe this problem will
anyway solve itself.

Thats the idea. We have some issues such as implementing better media handling in Pirut for dial up and restricted network users . RFE at https://bugzilla.redhat.com/bugzilla/show_bug.cgi?id=182473 for those who want to follow that discussion. Its much better in general in FC5 in comparison to previous releases.


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