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Re: multiple root accounts

On Mon, 2006-03-06 at 19:00 +0000, azeem ahmad wrote:
> hi list
> i want more than 1 root accounts in FC4, for example
> user: root
> user: must
> user:azeem
> all the 3 accounts should have the same root previligies to do anything on 
> the system
> how it could be done
everyone else has suggested that you change the uid # in /etc/passwd to
0 which may very well do what you want but there is another mechanism in
place...sudo which might be more in line with security...

an entry in /etc/sudoers like...

craig   ALL=(ALL) ALL

would do something similar but you would have to supply root password to
have root privileges.

if you did something like this...

Cmnd_Alias IPOD=/sbin/modprobe -r sbp2
Cmnd_Alias EJECT=/usr/bin/eject /dev/sda2,/usr/bin/eject /dev/sdb2


then user 'craig' could do those specific commands without a password.
Suit yourself, it's your system but I would ***heavily*** recommend
against a real 'user' having a uid of "0"


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