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Re: FC5 - T3 - Had enough. Package Managers, Yumex is crap.

Daniel B. Thurman wrote:
Unfortunately, yumex and package manager is really a bad
design IMHO because when I went through all the trouble
of identifying the packages I wanted installed (it was
massive), all of these packages would spend 12 hours
downloading GB of files from the Internet, start testing
the transaction and either crash or hang the FC5-T3 completely,
i.e I could no longer ping FC5-T3.

Is it the version of yumex from Fedora Extras development?

Restarting the package programs, would perform a yum clean up
effectively wiping out the 12 hours (3 times) or so downloaded
package I was looking for the designer of these package program
and wanted to say a few unkind words.  I was definately displeased.
Why do the designer of these package programs decide to do an
automatic cleanup and don't even bother asking the user first
is beyond me.

I usually run yum clean all after verifying the install went well. Usually there are still packages cached in /var/cache/yum/development/packages after pirut exits. I did not realize that pirut would do a cleanup. This is bad if a user wanted to copy the rpms that were downloaded to media for future upgrades on other non-networked machines. If it does actually cleanup, filing a bug report against pirut would be wise. WE cannot do much more than side either way or another action. Updating the program is easier if the designer knows about the bug.

Never mind that this is T3 - this is a really horendeous way
to treat a tester when they cannot even download the updates
or packages needed to get FC5-T3 updated to a useful state.
Maybe the best thing to do is to download the RPM files and
do a rpm manual install and toss these package managers
completely out of my FC5-T3 system.

If you want to install off of the local media, you can make a repo file or edit the link to baseurl=file:///media/<mountpoint-for-DVD> and run yum, pirut to install desired packages from the install disc. (dvd anyway). I had to set up a local repo to update a non-networked computer from FC5T2 to FC5T3 because of a USB DVD problem and the upgrade took. It did take a really long time to complete, but it did complete.

Hell, with yumex, I tried to select 5 packages - it went through
the whole thing up to transaction testing and the whole program
dropped dead, i.e. the entire application program disappeared
and no trace/log of what the heck happened.  Yumex is in serious
need of repair - it is extremely unstable.  Package Manager is
probably more stable but is dumber than an ox.

A select all for different groups would make things more bearable on the installer. Pirut pretty much mirrors what is available from the installer except there is a list feature where you can pick items that are not in any particular group. I like pirut and it performs the job well for my purposes. I don't think that the program should be criticized harshly. I do think that nicely toned bug reports to bugzilla.redhat.com and component pirut would aid in improvements to the program.

I think I will stop here and take a long break. I will let the
other testers do the fun part of testing.  I am just not going
to continue to rubber hose my self and scream 'mea culpa'.

Filing bug reports against the problems which you noted would be great to try to eliminate them for FC5. I don't think a large amount can be done since the freeze is today and FC5 should be out shortly after. The trouble to file bug reports might get improvements added after FC5 is released though.

Thanks for taking the time to test the distro to be. It looks like you might be holding back on upgrading for awhile.

I mostly like what I have experienced with the test distribution. I did not like certain additions and deletions of programs and such. I expressed my likes/dislikes and realize the distribution to be marketable for a wide range of users, certain programs have to be eliminated or made absolutely unexciting to be less offensive to the mainstream. Personally, I find the elimination of certain programs to cut away at the personality of Linux distributions in general. I can add what I need. Those who want to make the distribution boring can become satsfied and developers can hide graphics defects by not exposing the cards to tests.


Had enough,

Always look over your shoulder because everyone is watching and plotting
against you.

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