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Re: From release notes for FC5T3 (web)

Jim Cornette wrote:

I found the information from the links understandable to a certain degree. I'm glad that the finished documentation is in a style that I'm more familiar with.

yes, if you find any issues about the published release notes available at http://fedora.redhat.com/docs, kindly use the feedback section and bugzilla to report them.

I believe there was a short conversation and off to bugzilla it was. (Less than 5 postings, from memory.) Hopefully, the packages that I want to be selectable are there now on the installer. I believe my desired packages are on the wish list for Extras migration. (Mozilla/Seamonkey)

The plan is to build the packages that require the gecko browser engine against Firefox or XULrunner and move Mozilla suite/Seamonkey to Fedora Extras. Seamonkey is already under review in Fedora Extras, FYI.


Has been marked as fixed in rawhide. Kickstart @everything option as well as the comps package has been fixed to let the user install everything in the CD/DVD if required. This should be a pretty rare requirement especially for new users since everything installation in previous releases didnt actually include all the packages and does not include Fedora Extras or other repositories and has multiple languages and other redundant functionality that has maintenance, performance and potential security issues.


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