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Re: impatient for FC5 release

Leon wrote:
Rahul Sundaram <sundaram fedoraproject org> writes:

Anthony Messina wrote:

So if I enable the release repo instead of devel repo on the release
date, can I get a system same as one installed from scratch? I'm very
curious of this question since I have been using fedora 5 devel since
test 1 and have configured it a bit. Really don't want to re-install

You can download and install the fedora-release package for FC5 once FC5 is released. This package should add the information needed for FC5 and enable the FC5 repositories. I find the split with Fedora Extras and Fedora Core to make it worthwhile to maintain test releases to main releases because of all the re-installation needed when the system is pretty stable. However, due to messed up config files that might have happened during the many program upgrades and occasional breakage, installing FC5 on a clean approach is probably wisest. The possibility that some packages may be downgraded also is a good reason to start fresh. Since you get no support directly anyway, support is not a big issue since test to actual release upgrades are not supported. The release is actually a snapshot in the line of development but is aimed at being fairly stable.



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