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Re: MUTT Question

Chris Norman wrote:
> I have just installed MUTT, and am trying to reply to a message. i have 
> pressed "r", and done all the menu stuff about where it gets sent to and 
> stuff, and am in the editor.
> The only trouble now is that I can't send it.
> What do I do to hit send?

Mutt doesn't have a built-in editor: it uses whichever editor you
prefer. By default that's vi. So what you would have to do is save your
message in vi, and quit out.

Both Mutt and vi are powerful programs that take a bit of learning. You
may not want to learn both at once. If you want to change your editor,
adding a line like
set editor='nano'
to your .muttrc file in your home directory should change the editor to
nano (assuming that's installed). If there's no "set editor" line in
~/.muttrc or /etc/Muttrc, then you could also use
EDITOR=/usr/bin/nano mutt
to tell Mutt to use nano.

If you *do* want to proceed with vi, then you should look up and use a
vi (or vim) crib-sheet. (Vim is Fedora's version of vi.)

But pressing "Esc" then "ZZ" should always get you out of vi, saving
your changes.

Once you're out, *then* you're at the send menu, which prompts to
spell-check, postpone, or send.

Hope this helps,

James (using mutt and vim and liking it!)

E-mail address: james | [Bradford Cathedral] took 194 years to complete. A
@westexe.demon.co.uk  | construction period of nearly two centuries may seem
                      | ridiculous to us, but of course builders were a lot
                      | quicker in those days.  -- "ISIHAC", BBC Radio 4

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