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Re: From release notes for FC5T3 (web)

Jim Cornette wrote:

Security issues should be set with rational defaults where services that can decrease security need to be manually activated to install. I hope that security issues are dealt with regardless to whether one has a fully loaded arsenal of packages or a limited installation.

The potential security issues are not limited to open ports and running services but having the system affected through exploits on the software installed even when you might have never used them.

I vaguely recall one program that even if it was not set active, the default password was set to something like Q and would hinder security on a Linux install. I do not recall what the program was though. Your point that having a package with dangerous capabilities does hold water for this previous problem with older installs. One could hack in and have the tools they need in order to command ones computer.

Its better to make the post installation package management flexible enough to deal with all kinds of use cases on adding and removing additional software on the system IMO.


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