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Re: From release notes for FC5T3 (web)

>> Though, that (putting on all the languages, no matter whether you did
>> all the other packages) seemed to be the only way to get multi-lingual
>> web pages to display properly.  I went through a lot of grief, post
>> installation, trying to get Firefox to display foreign language webpages
>> with the correct characters rather than four-digit unicode, or other
>> indicators, instead.

David Boles:
> Now wait a minute. This has gone from the 'you have got to be kidding' to the
> you have REALLY got to be kidding'.
> You are saying that you need to 'install everything' so that all of the locale
> files are installed so that Firefox will display all of those web sites in all
> of those languages? That you can read and understand?

No, I did not.  Read what I said again...  If you didn't install the
other languages than your own, then the fonts for those other languages
didn't get installed.  End result:  Browse a foreign webpage that used
their own characters, all you see is error indicators in the webpage.

If you want Korean, Russian, Japanese, etc., web pages to actually show
up the way that they're supposed to, you need to install fonts for those
languages.  You can either do that manually, which is what I did;
painstakingly going through all the font packages available that would
do the job.  Or opt to get the system to install more *languages* than
you need (i.e. fonts *and* locates, etc).  There is no automatic, or
easy, option to just load the fonts.

Heck, the last time I installed FC4 there wasn't even an option about
what language I wanted to use.  It must be skipped depending on which
type of installation you're going to do.  I don't want bloody
US-English, with all its spelling errors on my PC, but I got it, no
questions asked, and no option to do it any other way.  No prior
installation of Fedora or Red Hat Linux was that bad.  I always had an
option to install more than one language, and pick which one I wanted by

And is there a way to pick a Locale from inside Gnome?  Nup.  You've got
to do that before you log in from the GDM screen.  Not very good design.

> Really? Man. You are in the wrong job with computers.

The one in the wrong job is those who created this mess.  Taking an
example from the Evil Empire's system, it's far far easier to get
foriegn language fonts onto your system.

> You do know that the only locale that will be displayed is the ONE
> that you select. Right?

You do realise that there's more to this than just the locale, don't
you?  Obviously not.

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