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Re: How to strip the vanilla kernel modules on FC4?

Robinson Tiemuqinke wrote:

 I'm a newbie to kernel compilation and installation.
I just found a "problem" needs experts help: How to
strip vanilla kernel modules sizes?

 The 2.6 vanilla kernels doens't have a build options
like "make strip" or "make installStrip" or similar
options, so a simple "make config; make; make
modules_install install" will installed unstripped
kernel modules to under /lib/modules/<vanilla_kernel>.
And then unfortunatelly the size of much bigger than
default FC4 stock kernel.

 I have to run "strip" manually to strip the sizes
down, Any one can share his|her experience in kernel
compilation? how to strip the kernel modules before
"make module_install install"? or there is a MAKE
switch I forget since I see the command "strip" in the
Makefile ??

One option would be to build your own kernel RPM packages based on the Fedora ones; that way you'd get the debug symbols split off into a separate -debuginfo package (assuming you had redhat-rpm-config installed), just like the official Fedora kernels.

I have a HOWTO at:


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