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Re: system-config-authentication quirks

On 3/6/06, Matt Finlayson <finlayso vancouver wsu edu> wrote:

I authenticate linux users via the smb pam mechanism.  When I go through
a server upgrade and use a machine with a different name I change the
server line in the /etc/pam_smb.conf to reflect the new server machine.

I was terribly frustrated to see the server validate the users that log
and then see the client machine not properly handle the returned success.

I discovered that I had to run system-config-authentication which showed
all the correct settings except for the server line that is in
/etc/pam_smb.conf.  Once I entered the correct server name things work

How come I have to run system-config-authentication to get
authentication to work?  Why doesn't the system know that I have
allready hand entered the correct data in /etc/pam_smb.conf?

Because system-config-authentication restarts smb for you? bleh.

- Yang

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