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Re: From release notes for FC5T3 (web)

Les Mikesell wrote:

> Would you accept that line of reasoning from Microsoft or any
> other commercial vendor:
>   "We supply a disk of unsafe programs - if you run them and
>   have problems, don't expect us to fix them, it's your fault
>   for running them.  They were just on the disk to look at..."
> Should we expect less from fedora?

Well MSFT do not provides GBs of apps with the OS like Fedora does, not
at all.  So we already expect and get more from Fedora.

However you just have to read the security lists to see that your
chances of having apps with security flaws on your box goes up linearly
with the amount of code you have installed.  It would be the same (or
worse) in the MSFT world with the added spice that every install might
bring spyware.  You could literally 'weigh' the code on your box and
estimate the probability of getting dinged with a security problem in
the next year, and that probability goes up the more apps you have.

Whereas you can make an educated decision to ride over that risk, the
decision about what to actually put in the code for hundreds of
thousands of users should be a bit different, ie, "is this a good thing".


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