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Re: Hardware support!! Asus MB: P5MT-M

Stupid Stupid wrote:
>   The specification said that Fedora Core 4 support Asus MB: P5MT-M.
> But I discover that it can't!!
>    In fact, I am using Raid 10, but Fedora Core 4 cannot detect the
> Raid 10 (and my harddisk) and I cannot find "LSI MegaRAID IDE
> Driver" in neither Fedora nor MB driver disk......
>   Will Fedora Core 5 support "LSI MegaRAID IDE Driver"?

There are *very* few real IDE hardware RAID cards out there. What you've
got is called "software RAID" or "fake RAID". See
http://linux-ata.org/faq-sata-raid.html for further details.

The BIOS and Windows only see the four (presumably) hard drives you
have, and do what a "proper" RAID card would do in software. Fedora Core
4 can do exactly the same, but it's more honest about it: you'll have to
select the drives and create a RAID in the installer.

FC5 is supposed to be able to detect *some* "fake raid" arrays, and set
up its own partitions in the existing RAID, compatibly with any other OS
that's already there. But the support is new, and communication between
the various BIOSes and the OS is still being worked out. (Things like
"this disk has failed: keep going without it and don't let it back in
the array without syncing", or "this disk is new and needs syncing".)

Hope this helps,


E-mail address: james | "My aunt's camel has fallen in the mirage."
@westexe.demon.co.uk  |     -- "Soul Music", Terry Pratchett.

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