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Re: From release notes for FC5T3 (web)

On 3/7/06, Andy Green <andy warmcat com> wrote:
> gb spam wrote:
> > Perhaps you should check the list - it was "debated" at length there
> > with all pro-choice arguments dismissed, sometimes with valid points,
> > but often without valid points.
> I do subscribe to it... what was the thread called?  A quick search on
> 'everything' in the last 30 days in Thunderbird showed lots of posts but
> not the magic thread as I could recognize it.


Its cropped up in other threads too.

> >> because that at least has the
> >> possibility of convincing the people responsible for the code.
> >
> > Sadly not, anti-choice wouldn't listen to pro-choice.  Their minds
> > were already made up, and the change was presented as a fait accompli.
> Ah well steady on, I could ask for a button that changes the installer
> background colour and use the same generic "anti choice" complaint when
> I was told where to stick my demand.  Therefore it's not a useful
> observation.

Of course you would be told that, by design the request is frivalous
and intended to try negate my point by extrapolating it to absurdity. 
Now, if you came up with a request that people have already been using
for years, is popular, functional, non-cosmetic and will be missed by
many people, then we could make the comparison.

> Some day,
> perhaps years from now, I likewise hope to convince someone about
> something on that list, hell, any mailing list.  Or Internet forum.  Hm
> in fact also living room.

Perhaps we should all learn to take ourselves less seriously!  Nice
remark - it almost made me use that ugly abbreviation - LOL.   No
wait, damn, it did.

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