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Re: From release notes for FC5T3 (web)

On 3/7/06, Tony Heaton <theaton lanl gov> wrote:
> It's incredibly easy to install packages with yum.  You can do single
> package installs, you can do group installs.  I don't see what the
> problem is in not having an everything button.

Here's a list of things that yum/yumex don't help me when an "install
everything" does:

"exploring" yum/yumex isn't the same as exploring gnome/kde menus,
seeing an executable, wondering what it does and clicking on it to
find out.

yum/yumex won't tell me what package provides a particular menu entry
because the description doesn't match aything that "yum search" will
give me.

using yum/yumex won't give me that "wow, it just works" feeling when i
try to do something that requires a currently uninstalled package.

One of my co-workers, an SA, doesn't/won't do full installs.  That's
fine, I'm ok with that is his choice, he has perfectly valid reasons
for it.  But he gets irritated because of the frequencey with which he
as a problem and I give him a solution based on something he doesn't
have installed.  Either that, or he's written a script to crudely do
something that a package will provide elegantly.  Needless to say, the
reason I know about it is the same reason he doesn't - I have it
installed.  Of course, I rub it in when I tell him.

yum/yumex won't make it easy for me to try an alternate application
when the one i uses breaks on a particular file.  my favourite word
processor may barf on a Microsoft word doc, but Open Office may not.
If Open Office wasn't installed, would I go to the effort of
installing it via yum?  Similarly with printing - different apps may
print the same docs differently, yum is not going to make it easy to
correct that (yes, installing is easier than before, but having to
trawl through, find the right package name, install it, find out that
although i have the base package installed i still need the GUI one
and a couple of other optional libraries not brought in by default
ensures that this is no long a quick, easy and painless solution).

exploring yum/yumex doesn't allow me to right click on a document and
see what applications can open that document.

yum/yumex significantly reduces the value of "man -k"

NB: most of the above has been shamelessly cribbed from another post
in another mailing list.  however none of the points were addressed,
so I feel it is valuable to repeat them here.

There's probably a bunch of things too...

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