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Re: Disk & cpu activity at regular intervals - no longer

On Tuesday 07 March 2006 17:19, Anne Wilson wrote:
> On a new install of FC4 I'm seeing disk activity and cpu usage at intervals
> rather less than 1 second, by my judgement.  Mostly the cpu usage is 1-2%,
> but every 6th peak, roughly about 5 seconds apart, it is 12-15%.  hda
> activity in gkrellm shows spikes at the same time interval as the cpu
> spikes, and again, there is a big one that coincides with the cpu usage
> spike.  Top doesn't show anything unusual.
> Where else might I get a clue as to what's happening?  There's certainly
> nothing like this on any of the other three boxes that have FC4 installed.
One of life's little mysteries :-)  I never did find out why it was happening, 
but after I plugged in the film scanner and installed vuescan I decided that 
I should try a reboot.  I lost my display settings and keyboard settings!  
But after putting them right I realised that I was no longer getting all that 



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