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Re: Routing table question

On 3/7/06, John Warner <john jwarner com> wrote:
Total newb' here, I have a routing issue on my Fedora 4 box. I can see
(read ping etc) IPs on my LAN. I cannot ping off the LAN. The gateway
for eth0 is listed as (which is correct, that is the address
of my Linksys DD-WRT router to the DSL Modem). The rest of the LAN is
properly configured and can see the Internet etc just fine. I read the
Man Page for route and it does not really help me. I suspect my issue is
my default setting on my routing table. Less the specific answer (how
will I ever learn) can some one point me to the complete idiots guide to
setting up his routing table in Linux. Ideally it would be oriented to
the home networker.


John Warner

Please provide the output of 'netstat -rn' and 'ifconfig eth0'. I suspect this maybe a firewall issue, do you have IPTABLES running?
send output of 'iptables -L -n -v' as well.

- Yang

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