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Re: Yum - um...

Because even just doing an "info" can cause metadata and header files to be downloaded and yum needs to keep these under control so multiple processes are not trying to download and update the same files. If you use the "-C" option to yum, which tells it to only operate from cached information, you can have multiple instances running.

Daniel B. Thurman wrote:

I don't know if this one was already discussed to death,
but please bear with me...

Why is it that YUM can only be run/executed once, by one process,
by one user - whatever when all I am trying to do is to yum info <whatever>
while yum is busy doing something else.

I mean - why wasn't yum written so that it can take care of itself,
that is, it knows what is permissible and what is not permissible?

I somewhat understand if an update or installation is taking place (but
these operations could use transactions control) - but why not allow commands
such as list or search or other non-intrusive operations while yum is doing,
say updates or installs?

Just wondered,

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