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Re: From release notes for FC5T3 (web)

On Tue, 2006-03-07 at 15:51 -0500, gb spam wrote:

> ditto.  but for those apps that are, my point is valid.
> > Yum info describes all packages, not just gui ones.
> and that is still not the same as seeing it in a menu and wondering
> what it does.

I agree that seeing it in a menu helps introduce a piece of software.
If you rely only on the software that is in the menus, you will probably
miss out on a lot of good software.

> if he didn't refuse to learn, I wouldn't rub it in...  actually, he
> expects me to rub it in, and he knows that I respect his position,
> because for him its not appropriate.  just like its not appropriate
> for you and many others.  i can see that, i just wish that you could
> see my position too.

I see now that you meant 'rub it in' in a friendly sort of way, not a
condescending way.  I really do see your position.  But as I said above,
if you depend on menus and installed software, you may miss out.

> > discover abiword and find out it will open the document as well.
> yes, and discovering it is a whole lot easier if it is already
> installed and i can right click on my doc and say "open with" or look
> in a menu for office applications, or run man -k..


> >
> > What if the right click feature is not configured correctly.  You might
> > just miss out on that WOW app you've been looking for.
> and what if it is?  you are the one that has lost out not me.  if its
> not configured correctly, we both lose.

I don't lose out, I don't depend on right-click functionality.

> and if its already installed, i don't have to search with yum i can
> search with rpm/man -k

It's still a search with roughly the same cost. Without the bandwidth
overhead of updating software you may never use.

> can i search yum to find out which header file declares a particular
> function/macro? no
> can i search a file system to find which header file declares a
> particular function/macro? yes - but only if its installed.


> >
> > >
> > > yum/yumex significantly reduces the value of "man -k"
> > >
> > > NB: most of the above has been shamelessly cribbed from another post
> > > in another mailing list.  however none of the points were addressed,
> > > so I feel it is valuable to repeat them here.
> > >
> > > There's probably a bunch of things too...
> Are you telling me that my method is catagorically wrong?  I have two
> systems running 5t3 one where I did a yum install \* and one where I
> didn't.  Which do you think that I find the most frustrating?  Which
> do you think that I use?  I've tried it your way, and it doesn't work
> for me.

No, there is really no wrong way.  Anyone should be able to install as
much or as little as they want.  These conversations make me see other
peoples points of view and often pull me from a rut that I may otherwise
stay in.

Since FC2 I've used kickstart to install the base system and then
cfengine to run yum to install other needed software.  This has probably
made me forget the frustration of not having something installed that
was needed.

Tony Heaton
Pager (505)996-3184
theaton lanl gov

- "If you do nothing, they'll win"

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