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Re: From release notes for FC5T3 (web)

Is it really *that* much harder to do a:
yum install "*."`arch` "*.noarch" "*.i386"
after a basic installation?
Or installing and opening yumex and clicking the "Select All" button and then "Install Packages" in the Install tab?
Or copy all the files from the installation CDs and do a:
yum localinstall /dir/where/the/rpms/are/*.rpm
if you don't have network connectivity?

You have lots of options still available if you want to drown in packages.

Getting rid of the "Everything" button in the install package selection makes a lot of sense as more packages get pushed out into extras, anaconda becomes more network-aware at installation time and "everything" becomes more of a misnomer.

It is also huge benefit to bandwidth savings for the mirrors (which benefits everyone by faster updates) and a big benefit to reliability (to those who don't know better by removing the ability to shoot themselves in the foot with package compatibility issues) by not carrying around gigabytes of unused packages.

It is a very small inconvenience to those that want to install everything ... just in case they *might* try them in the future ... if they happen to have a menu listing to discover. Those who should know better yet choose to shoot themselves in the foot anyways still have lots of options for doing so as outlined above.

There are also lots and lots of options for finding out about packages available. There is a Fedora Wiki, yum info/search, yumex Install tab, Google, mailing lists, etc.

This is all coming from the perspective of a person who *used to* pick the Install Everything option so don't think that I don't have sympathy for the Install-everything camp. I just realize that the introduction of yum has removed most justification for having such an option. Any justification still left is easily out-weighed by the possible harm that can come to people innocently picking that option and thinking that it will make their life easier. As time goes on, that option will make things harder for people.


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