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Re: OT: Humor

On Tue, 2006-03-07 at 21:55 -0500, Terry Polzin wrote:

	: - Trim'n some cruft...

> > VME was good, too. Compiled scripts (procedures), an ALGOL derived
> > scripting language (SCL) at least as good as VMS's dcl, optional command
> > templates, data dictionary, and screen handling that reveals CICS as the
> > dogs breakfast that it is. Crummy screen editors, can't beat VMS on
> > that, though I have yet to find a line editor as powerful.

> > Andy Goss
> On to the main frame stuff,
> DOS 27 / Socrates
> DOS/VS(E) 33,34
> CICS 1.5,1.6

	Ah!  Forgot about da Mainframe stuff...

	Scope 3 (Control Data Systems Operating System, Circa CDC 6500 -
Hollerith based character sets, no less).

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