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Re: Addressing a SCSI film-scanner - long, sorry.

On Tue, 2006-03-07 at 22:38 +0000, Anne Wilson wrote:
> On Tuesday 07 March 2006 22:18, Paul Howarth wrote:ecognised.
> >
> > You'll probably need to load a driver for the SCSI card before any of
> > the devices attached to it will work.
> >
> > Try:
> > # modprobe tmscsim
> >
> > and see if that helps.
> >
> Well, the command was accepted.  Should I add that into modprobe.conf?

See if it detected your hardware first. Look in /var/log/messages for
the time that you inserted the module and see if anything relevant

You might also try "cat /proc/scsi/scsi" and see what appears.

If that shows your scanner, then you've got the right module. Add:

alias scsi_hostadapter tmscsim

to /etc/modprobe.conf

> > > I know that xsane is installed in /usr/share/sane/ and the drivers appear
> > > to be in /usr/lib/sane so I'm assuming that I can ignore most of the
> > > instructions above.  The download is a .tar.gz, and includes a Makefile. 
> > > I presume that I can unpack the tarball anywhere I like?  Is it then just
> > > a matter of editing the prefix line in the Makefile?  And should that
> > > point to /usr/sane?
> >
> > Sane ships with Fedora. Once the right SCSI driver is loaded, SANE
> > should see your scanner if it's a supported one.
> >
> I think so, too.  So it only remains to determine how to load the driver.  I 
> hope someone experienced will be able to answer my questions, so that I can 
> try for that in the morning.

Let's make sure you've got the right SCSI driver first.


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