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Re: How to strip the vanilla kernel modules on FC4?

Dave and all,

 Thanks. I'll disable it and rebuild kernel from
scrach again.

 I've just tried another way inspired by redhat FC4
stock kernels -- I run 'strip -g' on all .ko files
under /usr/lib/<custom_kernel>/to strip _ONLY_ the
debugging section out, then the disk space usage
shrinks to ~40MB from >200MB. I tried to run
"modprobe" on the debug-stripped kernel modules and
the latter work without problems.

Which way would you like to suggest? disable
CONFIG_DEBUG_INFO in "make  config", or "strip -g|d|S'
on kernel modules created?

Any suggestions are greatly welcomed -- I'm just a
newbie and needs a lot of help.



--- Dave Jones <davej redhat com> wrote:

> On Tue, Mar 07, 2006 at 05:47:31PM -0800, Robinson
> Tiemuqinke wrote:
>  >  How to let the vanilla to occupying less space
> if we
>  > can not use "strip"??? If there are any "make
> strip"
>  > or "make module_strip" options in vanilla kernel
>  > building?
> (This is almost an FAQ)
> 		Dave
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> http://www.codemonkey.org.uk
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