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Re: Addressing a SCSI film-scanner - long, sorry.

Anne Wilson wrote:
If that shows your scanner, then you've got the right module. Add:

alias scsi_hostadapter tmscsim

to /etc/modprobe.conf

tmscsim is the scsi adapter driver, not the scanner itself, and system-config-control Hardware Browser does see the adapter (and lists the driver as tmscsim.

Make sure that the SCSI driver is actually loaded before worrying
about the scanner driver.

Does the BIOS on the SCSI card (if it has one) list your
scanner when you boot the machine?

Try having a

tail -30f /var/log/messages

in one window when you modprobe the scsi driver in another
window. Does something get logged?

Note, lines will only show up the first time you run
this modprobe after a reboot. Else you can try and
rmmod the module before modprobe'ing it again.

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