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Re: Fedora 4 Routing table question

On Wednesday 08 March 2006 13:46, John Warner decided we wanted to hear the 
> Total newb' here, I have a routing issue on my Fedora 4 box. I can see
> (read ping etc) IPs on my LAN. I cannot ping off the LAN. The gateway
> for eth0 is listed as (which is correct, that is the address
> of my Linksys DD-WRT router to the DSL Modem). The rest of the LAN is
> properly configured and can see the Internet etc just fine. I read the
> Man Page for route and it does not really help me. I suspect my issue is
> my default setting on my routing table. Less the specific answer (how
> will I ever learn) can some one point me to the complete idiots guide to
> setting up his routing table in Linux. Ideally it would be oriented to
> the home networker.
as root:
ip route show (or route -n)
will tell you what your current routing table says.
You may already know that.
[root lanky ~]# ip route show dev eth0  proto kernel  scope link  src via dev eth0 dev eth0  scope link
default via dev eth0

that 'default' line is important.

are you saying that you can ping 192.168.1.X but nothing else?
that would suggest two possibilities to me:
1) you have no default gateway
system-config-network [Applications -> System Settings -> Networking]
double-click on the eth0 entry, and
make sure you default gw is correct.

2) no NAT rules in place between you and the outside world
solution: configure your router.


Stuart Sears RHCA RHCX
"Quit worrying about your health.  It'll go away."
- Robert Orben

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