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Re: Addressing a SCSI film-scanner - SUCCESS!

On Wednesday 08 March 2006 05:50, Anne Wilson wrote:
> Paul & Mogens, thanks to your encouragement I have successfully scanned!
> There are two scsi connectors on the back of the scanner, and the
> documentation does not make it clear which one I should use.  My memory was
> that it only worked on one of them, but I couldn't remember which one.  I
> changed the connection to the other one, and re-ran the rescan-scsi-bus.sh
> script.  It found and correctly labelled the scanner on SCSI1, Channel 0,
> ID 5, LUN 0 (obviously the tiny 5 on the setting had looked like a 3 to
> me).  At that point I ran vuescan and it simply worked.  I did not need to
> apply the patch at all.

I kinda hate to jump in here where I haven't been in the loop before, but 
unless scsi has changed in the last few years, as I remember, most scsi 
devices have two connectors.  Either can be input and the other then is 
output.  The scsi bus is serial - up to seven devices in a row.  The last 
device has a terminator plug on it which electrically terminates the data 
lines with resistors.  If there is only one device attached, it should have a 
terminator.  The other end of the bus is terminated on the scsi card.

Many devices will work (although often imperfectly) without proper 

If this has been covered before please excuse me.

> According to the documentation the problem is almost certainly caused by a
> delay in reporting after a scsi re-set.  It seems that there are now four
> options for correcting this, two of which require a kernel recompile, so
> I'll ignore them.
> # Use the rescan-scsi-bus.sh script or manually use the scsi
> add-single-device command to detect your device, whenever needed. You max
> want to put something like (sleep 10; echo "scsi add-single-device C B T U"
> >/proc/scsi/scsi)&  to your system startup scripts.
> I think this is probably the simplest, and that the command would be "scsi
> add-single-device 1 0 5 0" - do you agree?
> # Prevent the tmscsim driver from resetting the SCSI bus on startup. Look
> at README.tmscsim (it is included in the driver distribution and can be
> found inside the kernel source tree in linux/drivers/scsi/README.tmscsim.)
> [tmscsim=7,0,31,43]
> Do you see any advantage in following the second way?
> Anne

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