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Re: From release notes for FC5T3 (web)

On Tue, Mar 07, 2006 at 18:17:59 -0500,
  Michael Wiktowy <michael wiktowy gmail com> wrote:
> Is it really *that* much harder to do a:
> yum install "*."`arch` "*.noarch" "*.i386"
> after a basic installation?
> Or installing and opening yumex and clicking the "Select All" button and
> then "Install Packages" in the Install tab?
> Or copy all the files from the installation CDs and do a:
> yum localinstall /dir/where/the/rpms/are/*.rpm
> if you don't have network connectivity?

Yes. That isn't going to work very well as there are conflicts between
these packages. Also doing a local install from CDs is going to be a
pain as you have to baby sit switch through the CDs a second time.

There absolutely should be any easy way to check all of the boxes you could
check manually. This isn't the same as the old everything install, but should
be close enough.

> Getting rid of the "Everything" button in the install package selection
> makes a lot of sense as more packages get pushed out into extras, anaconda
> becomes more network-aware at installation time and "everything" becomes
> more of a misnomer.

It m,akes no sense at all. You can still manually check all of the boxes.
All it does is piss off some of Fedora's users.

> It is a very small inconvenience to those that want to install everything
> ... just in case they *might* try them in the future ... if they happen to
> have a menu listing to discover. Those who should know better yet choose to
> shoot themselves in the foot anyways still have lots of options for doing so
> as outlined above.

Is your definition of small, something that affects other people, but not you?

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