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Re: Probably silly Q

Brian Mury wrote:
> The router is reporting the router's uptime.

Gene Heskett replied:
> In which case its lieing thru its teeth, its uptime should be in months, 
> several of them.  Its all on a big ups & the last powerdown would have 
> been when I replaced the ups battery a good 8 months ago.  Does it have 
> a tick overflow like W95 had or something?  I'm gonna watch this...  Or 
> does it reset itself when I change something in it like port 
> forwarding, or enabling that logging, which would have been the last 
> thing I piddled with.

Either possibility is likely. Linux used to have a rollover at 497 days,
and I understand other operating systems do, too. 

But many routers (including much more expensive ones) will handle (some)
configuration changes by writing the configuration to flash and
rebooting. This means that their programmers don't have to provide ways
of configuring the device dynamically *and* at boot-time. It also means
that rebooting with the new changes is tested while someone's paying
some attention to the device and expecting problems, rather than when
they've flown home to another country and there are no local technical
people on site. [1]

On top of that, it's also possible that the device simply crashed and
rebooted without you noticing.


[1] Of course, it's always a good idea to test such things before you
leave, but if you've got a flight booked and a lot more work than you
expected, that's not necessarily going to happen.

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