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Re: Real Player Problem

On 3/9/06, sai krishna <saikrishna1511 yahoo co in> wrote:
> Ian Malone <ibmalone gmail com> wrote:
>>  On 3/9/06, sai krishna wrote:

>>> Hello list,
>>> I have installed real player rpm . It installed in /usr/loca/RealPlayer.
>>> This directory has mozilla directory whose plugins I linked to my
>>> browser(firefox)s plugins
>>> i.e.
>>> /usr/lib/firefox/plugins/
>>> Now there is a seperate directories codecs, common, doc,plugin,lib,
>>> postinst, share and some binary files of realplayer in
>>> /usr/local/RealPlayer. Now how do I include this to the system wide
>>> libraries and other things which real player needs to run.

>> Is it not working? If not, what's going wrong?

> yes it says for check for updates and when I do that it says everything is
> uptodate. It plays some .rm files but not wmv files.

If it's "checking for updates" then it doesn't know how to play the
file (and typically it won't find an update that tells it how to, I'm
not even certain that feature has been implemented yet). I don't
think RealPlayer can play wmv, you might want to try mplayer or
xine. Some .rm (noteably the ones Amazon uses for clips) are
created using an old realplayer codec that the Linux player
doesn't support.


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