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Re: boot problem

Tony Crouch wrote:
> --- chen li <chen_li3 yahoo com> wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> I have both windows XP and FC4(default) installed in
>> one hardware and use GRUB to select which OS is
>> used.
>> I recently find that my computer gets stuck after I
>> turn it on. And here is the message on screen:
>> .............
>> Welcome to Fedora core
>> Press "I" to enter interactive startup
>> Starting udev:    [OK]
>> INitialialzing hardware... storage network audio
>> done
>> [ok]
>> The only thing I can do is to shut down the whole
>> power and wait for a while. When I turn the computer
>> on it works  fine.  It happens several time. I
>> wonder if anyone out there knows how to fix it.
>> Thank you very much,
>> Li
> I seen some computers exhibit similar behaviour with some faulty or 'on
> the way out' capacitators. What do some of you more experienced guys think
> of this suggestion?
> Cheers,
> TC
It sure sounds like a hardware problem rather then a software
problem. Besides a bad cap, I have also seen ICs that are going
bad become temperature sensitive. While the usual problem is that
they fail when they get warm, you sometimes will get one that has
to warm up before it will function right.

This type of problem can also be cause by a cracked trace that
closes again when the computer heats up. In any case, it is one
of the hardest problems to troubleshoot, because it tends to fix
itself as you test. Sometimes all you can do is go in with a can
of freeze spray, and selective cool down different parts until you
cause the problem to appear again. (Or replace parts until it works


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