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Update on FC4, CXO, GPS/topo maps, etc.

Some days ago, in various forms on various lists, I Beartooth wrote:

> Meanwhile, with a lot of help both from grc.com's list and other
> places, I've made some progress -- and, as usual, am out of my
> depth again.
> I now have both gpsdrive and gpsd installed and working. IF (huge
> if) I understand correctly, either or both of those should connect
> to a gps, or enable my working programs under CXO to do so ...
> gpsd seems to be what somebody (here I think -- Scott Hall,
> maybe?) suggested trying, already done : a helpware specifically
> for enabling other programs to interface with GPSs. ....

Turns out that huge IF was wrong. I got onto the gpsd list --
gmane.comp.hardware.gps.gpsd.user -- and asked; here is one reply :

> GPSD listens to GPS receivers while they're telling about position
> reports.  i.e., You'd have it running on the backpack you don't want
> to carry into the woods to listen for position reports from the
> GPS live, in realtime.

> What you want, it sounds like, is something to accept after-action
> reports from your GPS about where it's been recently,
> after-the-fact, so you can plot those points on a map.  This is
> _not_ what gpsd does.

He's right about what I want -- no, need. I'm not going to try to scramble
up and down pathless slopes of the Blue Ridge Mountains, at my age, with
a laptop, in addition to a GPS and a shotgun (in season) or a
wanderstaff. So passes the glory of that hope.

There remains the possibility of putting symlinks into .wine
somewhere, so that they tell Fedora what to feed to the GPS to make
it think it's listening to com1 or com2. (I tried it in each bottle
in .cxoffice, with the help of the grc people, and it didn't work.)
Kibitzers welcome, particularly as to which .wine, my user's or root's ...

There is also another suggestion from the gpsd list "Grass and qgis
are your open source choices.  Start with qgis and let us know where
you get."

I looked at grass once, a year or three, and was totally flummoxed. Qgis
is at http://qgis.org/ -- I'll look, but I'm not sanguine, particularly of
my linux competence, nor my cartographic competence, nor  ...

Stay tuned.

Beartooth Staffwright, PhD Neo-Redneck Linux Convert
FC4; gpsd-2.30-1;gpsdrive 2.10pre2; CXO 5.0.1
Remember I know precious little of what I am talking about.

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