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SOLVED[?]: PnP and Linux vis a vis Linksys Ether16 (LNE2000)

Mike McCarty wrote:
William Hooper wrote:

Mike McCarty wrote:

I have a Linksys Ether16 (LNE2000) card I'd like to use, but
research on the 'net leads me to believe that I can't use it until after I
run a setup program to turn off PnP. I don't have such a program nor
diagnostics disc, so I have some questions.


I don't know about your linux specific questions (I haven't used my
Ether16's for a long while), but the files to configure them are still on
the Linksys FTP.  Thanks to the Google cache, you can find the pages HTTP
that Linksys ate...

Thanks for your kind reply, I appreciate it.


Yes, I found and have these files:


After reading the docu on this board, I suposed that there
was a program named SETUP.EXE to run under straight MSDOS.
Do these programs, then, unpack themselves to make a disc
for that?

I'll give that a try.

Yep, that was it. They were ARJ packed archives, which
unpacked nicely on my MSDOS 6.0 machine. Should have
thought of that, myself.

Thanks for the reply! Now all I've gotta do is set the board
up, and figure out how to run LANMAN on my MSDOS machine, and
I'll be networking with my Linux machine in no time!

Famous last words...


Thanks again.

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