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Re: From release notes for FC5T3 (web)

Antonio Olivares wrote:
> I just hope that they do not drop tetex, and tetex*
> from the base cd's/dvd.  Yum installing tetex, would
> probably take a long time through dialup.  

Three points:

Fedora Core is supposed to be "self-hosting": all you're supposed to
need to build any Core package is Fedora Core. Many Core packages
include TeX documentation, so you need a TeX package in Core (to create
the dvi) and a dvi reader for those packages. See, for example:

There are repeated calls for Extras .iso files to be made available, so
the companies which make Fedora Core CDs can make Extras CDs available
too. I understand that the Fedora developers *are* sympathetic to such
calls -- it's merely the perennial problem of time and developer effort.
As Open Source packages grow in size and number, and as the Fedora
developers try to keep down the size of Core, Extras is going to grow in
importance and the need for these ISOs will increase.

I've never strayed beyond fairly basic TeX functionality, but I haven't
noticed much change in the Red Hat TeX packages since I was using it at
university, with Red Hat 5.0. It might well benefit from having some
attention from "community" packagers.

James (who has a rant prepared on the importance of installer
simplicity, but thinks the flame-wars are already way too -- boring...)

E-mail address: james | "Today Has Been Two Of Those Days."
@westexe.demon.co.uk  |     -- Mike Andrews

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