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Re: Enable/Disable GUI on bootup

If your using grub, press enter when you get to the grub prompt. This
takes you to the boot list.  Press e to edit and add a 3 and then boot.
This boots to run level 3 which doesn't start x.  Once your done in
terminal mode you need to run init 5 as root.  This will start the gui
login.  You can also just type startx in a terminal to get X running.

On Thu, 2006-03-09 at 13:33 -0800, Tim Alberts wrote:
> How can I enable or disable the GUI login at bootup?  I have FC4 which gives the full GUI login (X Windows) and then can start into KDE/Gnome/etc.  How can I change that to not load any GUI login and just stay in terminal?  Then, how can I quickly get the GUI back?  Is there a way to switch back and forth without rebooting?
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