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Re: OT: Humor

jludwig wrote:
On Wednesday 08 March 2006 08:54, Neil Cherry wrote:

Joel Rees wrote:

On 2006.3.8, at 12:34 PM, Thomas Taylor wrote:

Home built (wire-wrapped) 1802, 6802,

What was your monitor ROM on the 6802? do you remember?

MBUG or MKBUG, I can't remember (though I could pull the boards
out and see if the sticker is still there :-) ). I think I still
have the 6808 CoCo around (that's not a type, it's a Moto dev

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Do any of you remember what a slide rule is?

YES! Its the rule that states, you MUST wait until the person ahead of you exits the slide BEFORE it's your turn. *nod*

Best regards,

After winning an argument with his wife,
the wisest thing a man can do is apologize.

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