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Re: OT: Humor

bill perkins wrote:
> Mikkel L. Ellertson wrote:
>> What is really interesting is that there is software for both DOS
>> and Linux that will let you run CP/M on a PC. So you can run the
>> native 8080 and Z80 assemblers and dis-assemblers under CP/M. There
>> was even a version that took advantage of the NEC 8086/8088
>> replacement CPU's that would also do 8080 instruction sets.
>> Mikkel
> I remember the NEC processors- they also had a Z80 instruction-set
> version. I was intrigued, but never did manage to play on them. I should
> look into the CP/M emulator; being a long-time assembly-language hacker,
> it would be nice to relive the simplicity :)
Here are a couple of them:


Z80 emulator:

Then there the CP/M tools that let you read/write CP/M disks.

I am not currently running any of them, and I don't remember the
name of the package I was running in the past. I have not needed
to run CP/M for a while... (I also have a "real" CP/M system I
can fire up, if I want to dig it out of storage...)


  Do not meddle in the affairs of dragons,
for thou art crunchy and taste good with Ketchup!

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