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Re: PnP and Linux vis a vis Linksys Ether16 (LNE2000)

Mikkel L. Ellertson wrote:
Mike McCarty wrote:

I have a Linksys Ether16 (LNE2000) card I'd like to use, but
research on the 'net leads me to believe that I can't use it
until after I run a setup program to turn off PnP. I don't
have such a program nor diagnostics disc, so I have some

(1) Is it still true that Linux cannot handle PnP boards?

No. Linux can handle PnP. You have to add the ISA PnP tools.
I do not think they are installed by default. Then again, not
too many systems have ISA cards any more...


Depends on where you look. I have seven IBM PC style computers
which I use on some sort of regular basis, and of them only
three can accept anything but ISA, and only one of them actually
has any PCI cards installed. One of them can only accept 8 bit
ISA cards. I must admit, the 8088 is getting close to retirement.

Anyway, thanks to the kind message sent by William Hooper,
I have my card up and running the diagnostics from Linksys,
connected to my router. So far, no errors reported. Now I
need to figure out how to set up MicroSoft LANMAN on that
machine, and configure FC2 to be a SAMBA server. I'm going
to let the diagnostics run for a few hours, first. I saw a
good deal on that card a few years ago ($1.00 USD) and
grabbed it up, but I've never actually installed it, and I'd
like a little burn in before getting more software involved.

Hadda pull my Thin Net (10 Base 2) card out of that machine,
because my router only supports 10/100 Base T. Thankfully,
my Linksys card also has a coax connector, so I can use
either cable.


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