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Re: PnP and Linux vis a vis Linksys Ether16 (LNE2000)

Mikkel L. Ellertson wrote:

When you go to set up LANMAN, make sure you have the TCP/IP
protocol installed. If I remember right, it is on an extra
floppy. It has been a while, but from what I remember, the
default installation did not include TCP/IP and you need
that to talk to Samba. Also, unless you need them for something
else, remove the other protocols to same a bit of memory.

Thanks for the heads up. I don't have any floppy here with
LANMAN, but I pulled it from the 'net. I'll have to look
around some, perhaps, to be sure I get all the pieces.

Maybe I should fire up one of my Win98 machines and get it
talking to one of them first, then branch out to Linux.

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