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Re: Drivers?

Tim wrote:

one seriously annoying thing about gedit - the file requester you get
to open files, it's damn difficult to load . suffixed filenames.

Tony Nelson:

If you mean ".-prefixed names", right-click in the file list area.

Oops, yes I did.  And thanks.  Though the right-click each time you open
the requester looking for a file is a bit more tedious than GVIMs type a
dot and press tab technique.

All of this hiding umpteen files in your homespace would be easier if
they just put all configuration files into the ~/.config sub-folder.
You wouldn't need to hide files if there was only one such folder going
to show up in your directory lists.

This has been a major bone of contention between me and all
*NIX style OS. I don't like hidden files at all, period,
end of story. I'd rather just have a $HOME/config directory
not even hidden. Too much clutter in my $HOME, IMO.

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