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Re: OT: Humor

On Thursday 09 March 2006 17:27, Chris wrote:
>jludwig wrote:
>> On Wednesday 08 March 2006 08:54, Neil Cherry wrote:
>>>Joel Rees wrote:
>>>>On 2006.3.8, at 12:34 PM, Thomas Taylor wrote:
>>>>>Home built (wire-wrapped) 1802, 6802,
>>>>What was your monitor ROM on the 6802? do you remember?
>>>MBUG or MKBUG, I can't remember (though I could pull the boards
>>>out and see if the sticker is still there :-) ). I think I still
>>>have the 6808 CoCo around (that's not a type, it's a Moto dev
>>>Linux Home Automation         Neil Cherry       ncherry linuxha com
>>>http://www.linuxha.com/                         Main site
>>>http://linuxha.blogspot.com/                    My HA Blog
>>>http://home.comcast.net/~ncherry/               Backup site
>> Do any of you remember what a slide rule is?
>YES! Its the rule that states, you MUST wait until the person ahead of
>you exits the slide BEFORE it's your turn. *nod*

Humph!  You can tell where this poster spent his childhood, both of 
them.  I'm only 71, and haven't decided what I want to be when I grow 
up yet. :)

>Best regards,
>After winning an argument with his wife,
>the wisest thing a man can do is apologize.

Cheers, Gene
People having trouble with vz bouncing email to me should add the word
'online' between the 'verizon', and the dot which bypasses vz's
stupid bounce rules.  I do use spamassassin too. :-)
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