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Re: How do I log out of the GUI?

On Thu, 9 Mar 2006, Russell Golden wrote:

I kinda don't understand how this can be confusing... When I'm logged in to GNOME, how do I log out and to back to the graphical login screen? (this is the reason I'm still using RHL9 instead of FC4. That and because Fedora and WinXP can't be on the same hard disk)

FC4 and WinXP Pro coexist quite happily (or perhaps they just tolerate each other...) on one disk in my laptop.

As others have pointed out, in GNOME logout, restart, and shutdown are options under the Desktop menu. There is also a logout button applet so you can do it with one click (plus confirmation) from your taksbar. Right-click on the taksbar, then Add to Panel, then Logout.

David C. Chipman wrote:

Hi Russell, What do you mean, "logout"? If you have logged in with the graphical login, then once you are back at the graphical login screen, you are no longer logged in. If you have logged in with the text terminal login, then you need to leave the GUI, and enter "exit" at the command prompt. You don't say, though, -David Chipman
On Thu, 09 Mar 2006 21:14:32 -0600
Russell Golden <dragonite wylie verizon net> wrote:

I'm probably being blind here (at least, I hope so). Where is the logout function for the Fedora Core 4 GUI?

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