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Re: Addressing a SCSI film-scanner - SUCCESS!

On Fri, 2006-03-10 at 12:30 +0000, Anne Wilson wrote:
> On Friday 10 March 2006 12:18, Anne Wilson wrote:
> > On Wednesday 08 March 2006 13:03, Bob Chiodini wrote:
> > > I have had somewhat similar problems with a Umax 1200S SCSI scanner.  It
> > > is supported by SANE, when it's detected by the SCSI driver.  However,
> > > it is rarely detected.  I found that cycling the power on the scanner
> > > prior to loading the SCSI module (Adaptec or BusLogic, in my case) seems
> > > to make things work until the scanner goes into power saving mode, or
> > > whatever turns off the light.  After that, the scanner no longer appears
> > > to exist.  In my case the scanner is not detected during the BIOS scan,
> > > unless I cycle the scanner's power prior to booting the computer.
> > >
> >
> > Hi, Bob.  From what I've read, it's not unusual for scanners to be too slow
> > announcing themselves.  You've nothing to lose by going through the steps
> > to get it recognised then inserting the sleep line into your start-up
> > scripts. The rescan script that I mentioned was very helpful too.
> >
> One other thing comes to mind.  My scanner was shipped with an Adaptec SCSi 
> card.  It was fine as long as I only wanted to run the scanner alone with the 
> software provided.  It turned out that Adaptec make/made a number of cards 
> that were non-standard.  If they caused problems under windows I think it's 
> highly likely that they wouldn't work properly with linux either.  Unless 
> you've actually had that scanner running with linux I'd beg borrow or steal a 
> different card, and see if that helps.
> Anne


Thanks for the info.  My scanner came with some off brand SCSI card as
well.  Strictly programmed I/O, no interrupt logic.  It's been trashed.
I used BusLogic, Adaptec and Advansys cards with Linux, without problems
initially.  Only lately has the scanner started giving me problems,
using the BusLogic or Adaptec (29160N Ultra160 SCSI Controller).

It appears that the scanner is not honoring the bus reset that should
occur during the BIOS scan and module init.  My bet is a hardware
problem with the SCSI logic on the scanner or a cabling/terminator
issue.  The Scanner's SCSI interface is a 25 pin (ala old Apple Mac)
with adapters to mate with the 50/68 pin Adaptec controller.

I'll add troubleshooting to my weekend todo list, right after rebuilding
the disk on a Tivo.  I got to keep my priorities straight ;-)

Again thanks for the insight.


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