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Xwindow problem after yum update

I installed Fedora 4 on my laptop (IBM Thinkpad R40).  I dual
boot Windows using grub.

Everything worked fine until last night when I logged in as root and
decided to run "yum update" from a terminal window.  Big mistake.

No errors on downloads.  System seemed to work ok after the downloads
until I shutdown the system and booted it this morning.

It seems to be come up ok, e.g., show details window display is fine.

However, when it gets to the normal Fedora login window, it is now
virtually unreadable.  The fonts are huge and the screen
blurred to the point that it is virtually unreadable.  If I login
(guessing where the userID and password go), same problem.  

If I change to another terminal (CTRL-ALT-F2), log in as root, and
remove /tmp/.X0-lock, I am able to return (F1), log in with my normal
user ID, run startx, and everything seems ok (which is how I'm sending
this email).  However, if I toggle back to F2 then back to F1, the
system hangs.

I'm not well versed in Linux to figure what the problem is or how to
resolve it.  


Willis Gregory 

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