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Re: From release notes for FC5T3 (web)

Claude Jones wrote:

My characterization was based on long participation in that debate, in which there was repeated ignoring of my question. You say that a response was eventually given - OK. As I explained above, I gave up on the discussion after several days. Regarding your last sentence, it's obvious on one level that the developers have the final say - BUT, if you decide to shut out the voices of your end-users, you will not achieve your goals. That was my perception at a certain point, that the many developers on that list were freely tossing in their defenses of their decision, but they were not responding to my two simple questions...

Currently, I'm in the evaluation mode re: Linux distros. I currently run six on various boxes. As I move closer to implementing actual production machines, I watch these debates/discussions on the various lists like a hawk. Eventually, I will be in the same position as Aaron, and will have to settle on a distro which will be implemented on many machines - probably, Fedora will not wind up on the most critical machines, but, RedHat derivatives will, and in some cases RedHat itself. But, maybe not. It is with such concerns, that I look at these sorts of debates. Part of that meritocracy you mention involves coding, but part also involves a social element, how you respond to your users needs and desires is important...
When hundreds of mails are being send on such lists, its quite possible that your questions just got lost in the noise or people involved just got tired of the discussions. That has happened to pretty much everyone including me. So might try and bring in the discussion on other occasions to see if that helps. Its worth pointing that while there is certainly no effort being done to shut out voices, for developers, the preference is usually active development.


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