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Re: Listing hardware

On Fri, 2006-03-10 at 19:07 +0000, Anne Wilson wrote:

> > Paul.
> [root david Downloads]# rpm Uvh rpmforge-release-0.2-2.2.fc4.rf.i386.rpm
> RPM version 4.4.1

The dash before the options is not optional.  rpm -Uvh .....

> Copyright (C) 1998-2002 - Red Hat, Inc.
> This program may be freely redistributed under the terms of the GNU GPL
> Usage: rpm [-aKfgpWHqV] [-aKfgpWHqVcdils] [-aKfgpWHqVcdilsaKfgpWHqV] 
> [-aKfgpWHqV........etc......
> Aarrgghh!  I've tried several variations on this - this time I had changed 
> directly to the directory, to keep it simple - but I'm having no success.  
> I'm sure it's something stupid that I've overlooked, but what?
> Anne
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