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Re: Samba problem needs translation

On Friday 10 March 2006 19:46, Craig White wrote:

> which machine is set to use workgroup named MYDOMAIN.LAN ?
That is not the workgroup name, it's a substitute.  Reason?  Long story, not 
really relevant.

> that doesn't sound like a samba box...that sounds more like a Windows
> box that is trying to be a WINS server for that workgroup at the same
> time your Samba box is in a different workgroup...just guessing
All boxes, windows and linux boxes have the same workgroup name.  

> Probably easiest to have all computers on the LAN have the same
> workgroup name at which point samba using 'wins support = true' and an
> OS level of say > 33 should effectively win all browsing elections and
> cut down on the noise
OK - so do you suggest that I have 'wins support = true' AND 'wins server =' (the samba server IP)?

Other boxes have OS level set to 33 and the server was set to 66, though when 
I went to the slimmed down version recommended in 'Samba 3 by Example' that 
was taken out.  I'll put it back in.


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